A Message From The President

Thank you all for allowing me to represent Assam Association of Alberta for the second time for 2017 – 18 year. With the help and initiatives of few energetic and enthusiastic individuals like Prasanta Borthakur, Haddy Rahman, Abhishruti Dutta Barua, Rupam Bora (with the support of their spouses), we formed this Association in June, 2010 and became a registered organization on July 07, 2010 and I got the privilege to be the first president of the Association and lead the team in formulating the guidelines, norms for smooth running of the organization. Though our organization is only Seven years old now, I am sure ever member and associates feels that, this not only an Association but our second home away from home, where we could share our fillings with people from same heritage, through which we could nurture our cultural heritage, revive our lost musical tunes, observe our festivals and keep up with the taste of food from that part of world. Moreover, with this platform we could educate and open the door to our socio cultural heritage to our next generation of Assamese Canadians. In these years Assam Association of Alberta has demonstrated and show cased the socio cultural heritage of Assam within the group and in various other events in Alberta, contributing towards Canada’s multiculturalism.

I would like to thank all the executives, volunteers, members of the association for their dedicated services towards smooth running of the organization for last seven years. Apart from hosting our annual events like Bihu, Picnic, Family Night, Supporting hosting of Assam Convention, 2012, running of the school, participation in Global Fest, volunteering in Calgary Drop in Centre, joining in Canada’s 150th Birthday celebration, Casino application are some of our remarkable achievements of our Association.

Rongali Bihu, 2017 in Calgary was a unique celebration. High Commission of India, Ottawa, came forward to promote the “Rongali Bihu” celebration in Calgary to show case the cultural heritage of Assam amongst the Canadians in Calgary. To make this “Rongali Bihu” celebration a Global Celebration, selected performances from Assam Association of Alberta and guests from different Canadian communities and some performances from local Scottish, Colombian, Chinese and Peru Groups were added.

Along with hosting our annual events like Bihu, Picnic, Family Night etc. we are planning to start again our “school for learning Assamese and performing arts” from September at least once a month. We are also planning to bring a “Guest Speaker” on that day for a presentation on different topics which will be beneficial to the children and youths.

To encourage our young generation we also planning to hold Essay competition and Art competition in two groups with some running Trophy from Donors and some nominal prize money for the winners.

Our long term goal is to have a facility of our own where we will be able to nurture our socio cultural heritage and elevate our society to a level which will be well recognized among the other organizations in Alberta and Canada as a whole. This will be the epicenter for the children and youth and future generations of the organization to keep themselves in touch with their cultural heritage.

Being a seven years old society and with only few member families (about 25) every body’s initiative and participation is very important for the smooth running of the organization. So, my humble request to all the members, prospective members and associates to come forward to avail the different tests of the celebrations and work together to achieve the common goal of the society.

Long leave Assam association of Alberta.


President of Assam Association of Alberta.