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Assam Association of Alberta is a social organization dedicated to promoting Assamese culture,language, music,drama, arts and literature. It also encourages and supports co-operation, goodwill and well being of all people and community. This non-profit organization is involved with programs and services typically for education, social causes, arts and others that benefit the assamese community in Alberta. One of the main objectives of this association is to encourage multi cultural and cross-cultural activities and foster friendship and cooperation with other ethnic societies and cultural groups in Canada.

A Message From The President


A new beginning…..

Thank you all for allowing me to represent Assam Association of Alberta for the second time for 2017 – 18 year. With the help and initiatives of few energetic and enthusiastic individuals like Prasanta Borthakur, Haddy Rahman, Abhishruti Dutta Barua, Rupam Bora (with the support of their spouses), we formed this Association in June, 2010 and became a registered organization on July 07, 2010 and I got the privilege to be the first president of the Association and lead the team in formulating the guidelines, norms for smooth running of the organization.

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Rongali Bihu in Calgary


Rongali Bihu celebration in Calgary, Canada

RongaliBihu is fervently awaited JatiyaUhshav for all Assamese over the globe. HereprobahiAhomiyaRaizalso wait eagerly with excitement to celebrateRangaliBihuevery year inCalgary. Finally the excitement was over after celebration of Rongali Bihu on 15th April,2017 in Scandinavian Community centreby Assam Association of Alberta(AAA) with pomp and show. Around 150 + people attended the event. Unlike usual Rongali Bihu this year’s event was lavish, elaborate and dignified. They also had delegates and guests from Indian High Commission, Ottawa; Member of Parliament,Ottawa, city of Calgary Mayor, members from Rotary Club Calgary and executive committee members from Calgary Marathi Association. Participants were not only within Assamese culture but also fromvarious other cultures like Peruvian, Chinese, Columbian, Scottish etc. This Global way Celebration of Bihu probably happened first time in North America.

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